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EP 2 - aun's loco moco

Egg. Boiled for 4 minutes then cooled. Cooked again for 25 minutes at 63 degrees Celsius then cooled. Then cracked then eggshells and steeped in a marinade made from water, dark and light soy, and candied ginger and candied lemon. Just before serving, peel the eggs and steam for 3 minutes.

Corn. Pre-packaged corn, sliced off the ear and broken into bits. Tossed in a powder made from pulverizing Korean seaweed snacks, cashew nuts and edamame crackers. 

Spam. The glaze for the spam was made with red wine, Coca-Cola, soy and ketchup. This was cooked down until it had a nice savory-sweet flavor. I cubed the spam and tossed it in the marinade, after which it was oven-roasted until the edges of the spam were crispy. 

Rice puffs. We harvested rice from two salmon onigiri. We broke the rice into small clumps and dehydrated this until completely dry. Then I deep-fried the clumps, which puffed up. 

Curry foam. Used canned chicken curry. Took out all the meat. Mixed the remaining sauce with coconut water, evaporated milk, cream, ketchup and a touch of olive oil. Simmered this for a bit then strained it into an Isi siphon. Used two cream chargers to prepare the foam. 

Crispy ramen bits. Took some instant ramen. Took a small portion of the noodles and crushed these into small pieces. Took some of the soup powder and all of the fat and mixed that into the crispy bits. 

To plate, use a shallow bowl. Start with the corn and ramen bits. Then place an egg in the middle. Add some spam around one side of the egg. Add rice puffs on another side. Take the siphon and add curry foam to the dish. Lastly, crush salted egg yolk potato chips on top as garnish. To eat, cut into the egg and mix all the ingredients together.

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