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Pre packaged corn – cut a few slices off and add white wine, reduce on stove.

Mix Campbell soup with Tom yam seasoning from a cup noodle packet and boil them.

Once the wine infused corn and tom yam seasoned soup is ready, mix them together in a blender till they are blended to smooth texture, and whisk to foam.

Take stem of lettuce from chicken rice packet and add olive oil, salt, and compress in multivac to season.

Cut egg into half, and seaon with salt and pepper.

Next, remove skin from chicken. Then, cut more corn and season with salt and torch till slightly burnt.

Separate Prawn from the packet Horfun, and season with salt and pepper, and torch till slightly burnt.

For dressing, use Yoghurt and season heavily with salt and pepper.

Lastly, assemble the dish and grate Macadamia nuts over for texture and crunch.


When he was 18 years old, Rishi moved from Sri Lanka to Melbourne in pursuit of his architectural studies. It was while he was placed in the kitchen of a Melbourne café as a busboy that ignited his passion for cooking. From here, Rishi followed his gut instinct and decided to switch the direction of his career. in singapore, a chance meeting with Loh Lik Peng, Founder of Unlisted Collection: led to an opportunity for Rishi to call a space his own, Cheek by Jowl which means ‘side-by-side’. Incidentally where he works alongside his wife and restaurant manager Manuela Toniolo. 

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